Company Profile

Sentegrity was founded in 2014 by a team of ambitious and dedicated information security leaders and subject matter experts in the mobility space.  Having performed hundreds of assessments across enterprise BYOD and commercial applications the founders observed two common and fundamental flaws in the mobile security approach — the false assumption that the underlying platform of end user devices is secure and the implementation of traditional controls that are in direct opposition to the freedom and simplicity of the mobile experience.

These flaws have been publicly demonstrated to produce disastrous consequences to enterprises that extend corporate data to mobile devices and commercial applications that provide sensitive access or operations.  In tests of production environments the founders were consistently able to exploit mobile devices to access restricted data, execute sensitive functions, and even attack or tunnel into backend networks for a large-scale data breach.

It became clear that modern mobile applications possessed antiquated security capabilities from a workstation-era, that were not suited for mobile device threats and were disruptive to the mobile experience.

Sentegrity was formed to leverage advances in sensory analysis and machine learning to help companies Unlock Better.


Troy Frost Chief Executive Officer

Troy has 14 years of experience in information security and risk management. He has led hundreds of initiatives that have helped international financial services, retail, and insurance companies define and implement data protection and information security strategies on a global scale. Troy is regularly sought out by industry executives and technical subject matter experts as an advisor and a mentor because of his enthusiasm and dedication to improving the way companies matters of approach data security and usability.

Jason Sinchak Chief Technology Officer

Jason Sinchak has over 10 years of experience in the technical security industry with a unique focus on mobile device and mobile application security assessment. He has executed hundreds of Fortune 500 deep-dive penetration tests, performed investigations of large-scale public data breaches, and managed enterprise-grade Security Operations Centers (SOCs). During his career Jason has developed proprietary technology for monitoring active threats during breach investigations and security services focused on applying offensive security tactics to defensive controls.

John Jiang Chief Marketing Officer

John Jiang is a business executive with over 25 years of experience in business technology and information risk management. John has worked with Fortune 100 financial services, healthcare and insurance organizations to integrate risk management processes with technology to facilitate internal control and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Over his career John has held many leadership positions that have helped him develop a unique methodology to making swift, risk-based decisions that drive value and differentiation in the core business.